Re: [gundam] More Turn-A MS info(was: More Turn-A Info in May Newtype)
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 18:53:48 EDT

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> shouldn't
> they atleast be treated with some suspicion?

Yes, they should. But don't forget this is anime and it doesn't have to make
logical sense. so they buried their tech. in the ground, then dig it back up
in Turn A, correct? Burying your tech. and then digging it back up doesn't
sound logical either. Unless they dig up the old MS's to fight the Moon
peoples MS. We can debt logistics all year, but most entertiment forms,
sometimes logic is thrown out the window, for the sake of coolness, etc. I am
guilty of trying to justify or explain stuff to death too, but alot of these
questions about Turn A won't be answered, until fansunbs turn up or
releases Turn A, so we can actually watch the show. I hope that didn't sound
rude or anything.

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