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Jim Huang (tyhuang@OCF.Berkeley.EDU)
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 14:46:52 -0700

Prabal Nandy wrote:

> > Also, FLAT may reappear as a Militia MS, with different color schemes.
> Sounds like the Militia (Is that what the rebels are called?) might be
> capturing/hijacking Moonie-Mecha soon!

While that's possible, I think the most logical source is from the drop
operation 2 years ago. Loren and co. each arrived on their own
Flat. We know they had hidden them out of sight. And we know all
three of them are opposed to the invasion. So the most likely
source of Flat for Militia if those three either turn those MS over or
join up with those.
> > According to this site, Syd originally intended this to be Turn-A
> > (actually he called this Sumo Gundam). It's also mentioned elsewhere that
> > while it doesn't look like sumo wrestler, it is inspired by one.
> Interesting. Does it have the... uh, Sumo traditional.. er, garment?
> So, as a Turn-a does it look better or worse than the 'real' Turn-A?

For me, it's better. Orignally, it's "fatter". Tomino then explicited told
Mead don't do a Sumo mecha, so the design we saw is more slim. I
think that's how the name stuck.

> > > Rip: construction MS. not combatant. Moon Race them down to
> > > construct living quarters. Also to build fence around their choosen
> > Hm, the name looks more like "Liv" than "Rip"...
> Better than "Lip"!

How about "Lif" as in Fork-Lift. Suit its imagine fine.

> > Also, another Moon Race MS: Eagel. This is also designed by Okawara.
> > It's supposed to have a "spine", but I'm not sure what's that supposed to
> > mean...
> "Eagle" perhaps? Spine? Wierd, I'll expect it rather means "Spines" or
> "Spikes" or something like that. Perhaps a lance of some sort?

It's more like "back bone/Spines". As in design term. I.E. the
backside of Eva has more "spines"-like shape than traditional MS.

> > Nagano.
> Excellent! Maybe we'll get some cool FSS-style kits finally!

The "Shell" I saw is more in Brain Powerd mode.
> > bizzard. I am in no shape to translate that now anyway, so I will
> So you're saying that Syd actually had a _reason_ for the
> Moustache?

The Newtype interviewer asked him on why he designed Turn-A with
that Moustache as the first question. He gave an answer. So if you
believe him, than yes. Since I find his answer hard to believe....
> Is the Turn-A's beam-rifle something special, like the Wing-
> Gundam's "Buster Rifles"?

Impossibile to tell from the text description.

> > On the Earth Side: We see two kinds of Bi-planes and a
> Poor Earthers! They're gonna get SQUASHED!

Since Socie(the younger of the Heim sisters) will piloting one of
them, I don't think so.

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