Re: [gundam]How would you redo Gundam if you could? WAS: The Gundam

Der UberHanyok (
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 15:42:31 -0400

> I would make another Gundam great war OVA, with gritty cinematic, and a
> hero's sobbing cry's of forgiveness. The End.
> SJ
> PS-And want this in theaters, on the big screen for every man, woman, and
> child to see, feel, and remember.

no offense intended, it's a great idea... but wasn't "Saving Private Ryan"
released last september? Some people didn't like the movie, believe it or
not. (I'm one of 'em.) Again, no offense intended.

Matt "the voice of flawed logic" Hanyok
"The more you know, the less you understand." - Tao te Ching

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