Re: [gundam] More Turn-A MS info(was: More Turn-A Info in May Newtype)

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 12:13:32 -0700 (MST)

> First of all, Capule will most likely piloted by Socie and Messhe, meaning
> it'll be on screen for a while (which also means, of course, it'll finally
> be released as a kit).

  Is this Bandai's secret plot for the "MS Classics 1/144" series? I.e.,
as the kits are released, the mecha appear in Turn-A? That means we may be
seeing a Guncannon and Gyan soon!
  About the Capule: Well, without nanotech magic they're not going to be
able to produce the parts and tech needed to make it function, right? And
if they do, once it's damaged it's all over... hey, any idea how the
Lunarian's weapons compare to the UC-era weaponry like what the Capule
might carry?

> Also, FLAT may reappear as a Militia MS, with different color schemes.
  Sounds like the Militia (Is that what the rebels are called?) might be
capturing/hijacking Moonie-Mecha soon!

> According to this site, Syd originally intended this to be Turn-A
> (actually he called this Sumo Gundam). It's also mentioned elsewhere that
> while it doesn't look like sumo wrestler, it is inspired by one.

  Interesting. Does it have the... uh, Sumo traditional.. er, garment?
  So, as a Turn-a does it look better or worse than the 'real' Turn-A?

> > Wyld: 7 meter tall, normally used beside WaDome.
> This is the first MS in Turn-A we'll see from Okawara.

  Is it a completely different style than Syd's mecha?

> > Rip: construction MS. not combatant. Moon Race them down to
> > construct living quarters. Also to build fence around their choosen
> Hm, the name looks more like "Liv" than "Rip"...

  Better than "Lip"!
  Or maybe it is, after all, building fences is giving "Lip Service" to
the Moonie's territory!

> Also, another Moon Race MS: Eagel. This is also designed by Okawara.
> It's supposed to have a "spine", but I'm not sure what's that supposed to
> mean...

  "Eagle" perhaps? Spine? Wierd, I'll expect it rather means "Spines" or
"Spikes" or something like that. Perhaps a lance of some sort?


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