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>I'm new to the list, so I'd like to get an impression of who all is here.
>In the 80s, Hobby Japan had a long tradition of kit-bashed and scratch-buit
>Zaku variants. This ended with an issue devoted to Geara Doga variants,
>with most variant Zakus from 0080, 0083, and 8th MS simply being revivals
>of old variations. So, what kind of Zaku varains would *you* make? Don't
>worry about too much or too little detail, just as long as readers can get
>a good idea of what you're talking about. Have at it!

        Hmmm..I have a zaku that is basically an FZ, then I have two spiked
shoulders on it....i also added a heat saber from a Dom to it, and then
added a storm cloak which wraps around the arms and then the back of the
robot. I also replaced the tubes with black plastic hose. also in the
process of adding a head spike, also I used the german helmet optional
head. Also, it has some guns taken from zoids sprouting all over it...
        Another one is a 08ms zak with a desert zaku2's forearm weapons, and an
axe from the zaku-type of GX. There's also another Fz here with a desert
zaku2's hip clamp and bazooka. twin spiked shoulders also.

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