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Here the question and the answer about who construct side 3 and that may
interest all of you on the list.

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At 09:37 4/10/99 +0200, you wrote:
>In your Gundam chronology you write this
>"UC 0052 - Zion Zum Daikun begins to preach Contra-Earthism, a radical
>form of Colonyism that mandates space colonization, and establishes space
>colony in Side 3."
>That mean, it's Daikun who construct Side 3 ?
>Many thanks in advance for the answer and Sieg Zion !

First of all, understand that the Anime UK article was written nearly
years ago and includes a lot of misinformation due to my inability at
time to separate fannish invention from actual fact.

Second, don't read into the text things that it doesn't say -- that's
fannish inventions get started.

The Pilgrims "established" colonies in North America, but they didn't
the continent, just a settlement there. Zeon Zum Daikun was the FOUNDER
the "People's Space Republic" -- an awkward fannish translation of what
now being called the Colony Republic -- that later became the Zeon
and thence the Zeon Republic, but he and his followers didn't construct
Side 3. The didn't even construct Bunch 1, the cylinder they inhabited

they simply arrived in such numbers that they took the place over.

See also the Pilgrims in America.... (^_^);;

Here's the sequence of events, drawn from Mark Simmons' UC timeline at


UC 0001 = Space colonization program begins.

UC 0027 = Von Braun City, the first permanent Lunar settlement, completed.

UC 0035 = Construction of Side 3 begins.

UC 0045 = Asteroid Juno (later known as Luna II) placed in Lunar orbit. The Minovski Physics Society is founded at Side 3.

UC 0047 = Development of the Minovsky-Ionescu fusion reactor begins.

UC 0052 = Zeon Zum Daikun moves to Side 3 and begins to propagate his philosophy of Contolism.

UC 0058 = Side 3 declares independence, and the Zeon Republic is founded. A national guard is formed.

Note that Mark and I still disagree over the initial naming of the colony (he jumps directly to Zeon Republic, while I believe that Daikun would've opposed it havng his name while he was alive) and when he began espousing Contolism (I say before the move, Mark says after) but those are the kinds of quibbles we'll always have. The events and their sequence are well documented, however.

I think that your question and my answer may be of general interest to the Gundam Mailing List. If you agree, please forward this message to the list.


Also, it should be noted that Minovsky designed the more efficient "closed-type" colonies at Side 3, so he was there from the beginning.

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