Re: [gundam] More Turn-A Info in May Newtype

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sat, 10 Apr 1999 23:41:22 -0700 (MST)

> >Seems to be the case. But the implication that Turn-A is powerful
> And, for that matter, it's going to take a couple more episodes before
> Loran can even figure out how to pilot it... :-)

  But, of course, he was able to not only pilot it but beat off
experienced Lunarian soldiers in mecha in the first episode... right?
(Just guessing right now).

> The Turn A-Sumo similarity is curious indeed. It's also mentioned that

  It shouldn't be an accident! I'll bet you that the Turn-A is a 'plant'
from the Moon-People!

> the Turn A, like the WaDom (but not the Sumo), has some nanoskin covering.

   Hrm... I'll wager that this nanoskin stuff allows the MS to 'heal
itself' after taking damage. This way the storyline doesn't have to pause
as the characters have to salvage parts for their mecha, and it allows us
to better believe a MS operating in a world where the technology to
maintain it is gone.

> On the other hand, the Turn A's cockpit system is very different, with its
> weird hand controls and VR helmet. If anything, it looks like the
> Moonrace's technology has declined somewhat since the era when the Turn A

  And the Sumos are then perhaps "watered down" Turn-As? Makes sense. VR
helmet? How are the 'regular' lunar mecha piloted then?

> Speaking of which, it's noted that nobody involved knows that the Turn A
> actually _is_ a Gundam (hence the cutesy nicknames used by both sides). I
> guess at some point, someone will have to identify it as such...

  Well, what does "Gundam" mean in this particular series?

> through a catastrophic disaster, then might they not have singled out a
> handful of technologies as worthy of preservation and compatible with a
> peaceful, rural existence? Kind of like the Amish, in fact - a people who

  Absolutely... except there are many technologies, such as Solar Cells to
name one, that require a singificant technological base to produce. For
another example, computers, X-Ray machines, plastics, etc... they all
require a host of linked-technologies to produce.

> NewType's insert book notes that Guen Third Rheinford has a huge, crude

"Gwen Rheinford the Third" I suppose?

> wireless setup in his family's castle, which is how the feudal lords
> managed to make contact with the Moonrace and begin negotiations before
> they arrived. I'm not sure if Guen's radio is unique, or just very rare,
> but it seems interesting that Tomino's agrarian utopia is largely bereft of

  Well, it would have to be big to get enough juice to communicate with
people on the moon! One wonders how he powers the darn thing!
  It sort of sounds like America broke up into clumps of warring,
isolationist Fiefdoms after the Fall, and hence found little need to keep
in contact with each other?

> instant communications. Unlike the Amish, who, I recall reading, have
> recently decided that the Internet qualifies as Good Technology...

  I'd like to see them try and run a mule-powered website!


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