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Mark Kuettner (
Sat, 10 Apr 1999 23:30:22 PDT

>> I'm ordering the 1:144 Katoki MK-II from HLJ; it's the best version
>> of the MK-II I have seen. I wish Bandai would have stuck to
>> version for the MG MK-II
>Oh I thought he did do the MG ver. Who did do the redesign of the
>Also in looking at the two kits (I'm assuming you are talking about
>1/144 HG kit)

Katoki did not design the MK-II HG; I'm not sure, but I think it was
Okawara. The illustration of the MK-II in the HG instruction book is
Katoki's design and art. I'm talking about the B-Club 1:144 resin kit.

 I really don't see to much cosmetically difference
>the two kits. Aside from the typical proportion differences
>(disregarding scale), maybe some diffences in the waist section and
>thrusters here and there, IMHO I would have to say the two kits look
Katoki's MK-II is a more boxy version; enlarged shoulders, more
horizontal chest top, thinner legs and more panel lines. I felt the
MG MK-II, while still having great proportions, could have used more
of the top heavyness of the Katoki version. I prefer the Katoki feet
too; the MG's are too much like hooves.

>> That Big Zam is a kick, too. I hope they give Ka free reign on
>> new Guncannon and Gyan kits.
>What were the MS numbers for those Suits?

I dunno. I'm sure you can find them at the Gundam Project.

Mark Kai -:) yes, its my "Turn-A" icon!!!

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