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> PV's like what are used in 'conventional' solar arrays have most
> assuredly NOT been around since the turn of the century! PVs require very
> accurately doped semiconductor junctions which can not be produced without
> a very advanced semiconductor fabrication industrial base.
> -Probe

Really? Lets see, doping can be done in your kitchen, if you know chemistry,
have a spinner (for pottery), and have a fairly decent oven (again, for
pottery). It's the lithography the would cause problems. But Photolithography
has been around since the 1800s, so I see no reason to think that it would
limit anyone's ability to manufacture semiconductor products by too much. It
would just need patience and refinement. Clean rooms are definitely needed,
but not too difficult to produce with 19th century technology, since all you
need are filters and positive air pressure to keep to dust to a minimum.
Apply clean room technology to foundry technology, and you can extrude
silicon, just like we do today. Using metal oxide semiconductor field effect
transistors (MOSFETs) as an example, they were theorized to be possible in
the late 1800s, but beyond the possibility of manufacture until the 1940s,
since the manufacturing technology was still in the experimental stage at
that time. You may remember that vacuum tubes were an attempt to produce a
FET like effect using the technology of that era. Besides, Photovoltaic
technology isn't as difficult to produce as many may think. They're not
expensive to produce these days, and if they're in full manufacture at the
time of Turn A, they shouldn't be all that expensive to produce there,
either. Since we know the technology existed before Turn A, and it has been
suggested that the back slide in technology was wanted by the Earthnoids, not
from a cataclysmic event, then we can pose the idea that the back slide was
controlled, with wanted technology maintained while other technology was
discarded. And, as a finale point, this is anime, not real life. If the
producers of Turn A want 40 meter tall robots from the moon, then
Photovoltaic Cells powering peasant homes isn't all that over the top. While
you seem to only want to nit-pick, I just want to watch the show.

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