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Mark Kuettner (
Sat, 10 Apr 1999 21:21:10 PDT

>(shzoom- delurking...)
>Slightly off to the model building side...
>I have been a Hobby Japan reader on and off since 1981, and started
>subscribing in 1986-7. [At avg. $12 a pop, you do the math... :( ]
>I used to look forward to every issue just to see how they would chop
>Gundam kit to pieces and make a not so proportion kit into something
>looks totally awesome!!! Sheet plastic, home-made ball joints, poly
>everywhere!! To make a totally awesome 1/100 MS-09H Dowadge out of
>original 1/100 Dom kit from 0079 (HJ issue #210, 11/86) See URL:
>They don't do that anymore! They may show you the kit's finish
picture, but
>no more before-during-after pics... Not even in he Gundam Weapons
>Boy, I need my fix!!!
>(shzoom- lurk mode resumed..)
>Gus Jae

Wow, the late eighties HJs must have been great with the huge Z and
ZZ line of kits that came out. They were more radical then; I would
love to see what they did with these and the CCA and Sentinel kits
in their pictorials. A 1987 HJ EX issue showed Kobayashi's Baund Doc
variants that were way out there...there are some interesting
variants in the Gundam Weapons books though, such as the MG Perfect
Gundam and the Perfect GPO1, sprouting weaponry in various directions.

Mark Kai

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