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Mark Kuettner (
Sat, 10 Apr 1999 20:58:38 PDT

>> But they at least look like Gundams. I don't want to stay in the
>> Mold", but I DO want a robot with the Gundam name to look like a
Gundam. You
>I still don't see your point. Using your argument, Zeta Gundam was
>much of change as Turn-A Gundam was. They both have similar color
>as traditional Gundam, and both lack a siginificant Gundam trait
>the yellow V-fin, Zeta the red chin)

Zeta was more radical than Turn-A, in terms of comparison to the RX78.
The transformation sequence, the non-humaniod legs, the "wings* etc.

>> just don't make a well known anime icon, then then totally chage
the way it
>> looks just to break a so called "mold". Some people have said
Tomino did this
>> to tick off the hard-core Gundam fan, thats not right just to make
an werid
>> non Gundam Gundam, to tick off fans if thats true.
>Why not? If he's forced to make titles which he felt was pure pain,
>don't see why he should force his ideas to the fans. It is just a
>but working on some of the later UC shows he's done made him think of
>commiting suicide.

It floors me when fans feel betrayed when the creators and creation
they worship
do what they want instead of sticking to the expected.

Mark Kai

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