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> > well dun set your hopes too high... i heard that Sony might be sueing them
> > !!...
> I don't think Sony is that stupid. They make sweet F all off a console,
> maybe
> even a loss, but they make a bundle off games. If Sony is smart, they
> should
> license the emulator. This will cut a hole in Nintendo's market share for
> sure.

Um, yes Sony is. This is from

Sony Loses First Round to Bleem

Bleem, LLC of Los Angeles announced late Friday afternoon that Sony Computer
Entertainment of America's request for a temporary restraining order to delay
shipment of the bleem! PlayStation emulator for the PC has been denied. The
request, filed in San Francisco Federal District Court earlier this week was
Sony's first attempt to prevent Bleem from releasing its PlayStation
emulator, something Sony sees as infringing on its PlayStation hardware
console device and PlayStation gaming software.

Unlike the Connectix Virtual Game Station for G3-based Macintosh PCs, bleem!
allows users to enable PC hardware acceleration with many popular PlayStation
titles using Direct3D, the 3D graphics API used on Windows 95/98 machines.
This gives games a more arcade look - enhancing the graphics significantly
from the current PlayStation look. The company has posted a series of
screenshots to let gamers discover what its software will do.

"We're very happy with the court's decision," says David Herpolsheimer, head
of Sales & Marketing for Bleem, LLC. "We've always held that bleem! will be
good for Sony, since it expands the PlayStation's reach to millions of PC
gamers. We've always worked to respect the interests of Sony and all
PlayStation developers, and have repeatedly reached out to address any
legitimate concerns they might have. In spite of Sony's recent actions, our
door remains open and we hope Sony will see what industry-insiders and
retailers already know: that bleem! can only result in a larger market for
PlayStation games, and increased sales of PlayStation software overall."

The company is currently only taking pre-orders of US$24.95 for the software
through its website and attracting more users with an unenhanced software
only demo version of bleem! With over half a million downloads of the bleem!
demo, gamers are awaiting the final version of the software (which ships next

"We'd originally intended to ship a few days sooner, but responding to this
lawsuit has taken up a lot of time we'd rather have devoted to bleem! and our
users." Herpolsheimer said, "We're working around-the-clock to make up for
lost time and get bleem! into the hands of anxious customers."

By Micheal Mullen,

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