Re: [gundam] Gundam PS Games & new PC emulator

Operator 7G - Michael Ip (
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 14:20:22 +1200

geraldk wrote:

> well dun set your hopes too high... i heard that Sony might be sueing them
> !!...

I don't think Sony is that stupid. They make sweet F all off a console, maybe
even a loss, but they make a bundle off games. If Sony is smart, they should
license the emulator. This will cut a hole in Nintendo's market share for

> > It works with CCA when I tried it..albeit with slow speed during the
> battles
> > because the demo had d3d features disabled......should be better if you
> have a
> > faster cpu and use the d3d enabled version
> > -

Does anyone know if it is multi-threaded and is there a linux version? heheh
i will be getting a dual PIII server after I finish my thesis, lets see it
blitz on that :)

Michael Ip
yeah yeah, I have a dirty mind, so what?

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