Re: [gundam] More Turn-A Info in May Newtype

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sat, 10 Apr 1999 10:02:36 -0700 (MST)

> Knox is suppose to be near present day Boston. With Bostonia
> castle being the castle(looks more like palace) for the Fief's ruler.

  Does it look like any current-day structure, BTW?

> > >Erizona Fielf:
> > Arizona (AZ)
> Which has Lushaana in the East, Tejas in the South, and Carubania
> in the West.(We don't got to see the Northern border of it.) It's not
> directly connected to Mexico.

  Cool! My home town stomping grounds! I wonder if each Fief will
eventually get its own specialized Gundam unit?

> > >Tejasu Fief:
> > Texas (TX)
> Shaped differently. Only Carubania and Tejas are connected to
> Mexico. South of the present border, the line between fiefs are not
> drawn.

  So they may be sorta nebulous areas?

> Each Fief all seems to have "Mountain Cycle", where the relic of

  "Mountain Cycle"? That's a sort of strange sounding term...
  Hrm. Is it possible that the relics were buried _on_purpose_ in
fault-zones or something so that they would be eventually destroyed? That
might explain the term a bit better.

> ancient technological civilization is buried. Coupled with the fact
> they had no serious war in the last 2,000 years beside fight for
> water. I guess they serves as Mutual Assured Destruction: people

   Fight for water? Was this talked about in the show yet?

> One thing I just realized is cracking me up. The Moon Race is
> supposely asking for land in "Sun Belt". And they are attacking on
> screen where is supposed present day Boston. Either climate had
> changed in 2,000 years. Or the Moon Race has lost their
> geographical knowledges.

  Or because of their life on the moon, they can't tolerate the heat of
the rest of the country, etc. Who knows, it's entirely possible and quite
likely that the global climate has changed significantly after 2000 years
of catastrophes on a global scale!

  Here are my top 10 predictions for the Fiefs in Turn-A:

        1. Each Fief is filled with japanese stereotypes of Americans
        2. Each Fief is full of colorful country bumpkins/cowboys/hobos
        3. Each Fief is totally distrustful of the others and naturally of
           the Turn-A team. Oh and they don't 'believe' the Lunarians
           exist until they get invaded in the last five minutes of each
        4. Various Fiefs will make and break contracts with the Lunarians
           during the course of the series, trying to get advantages over
           the others
        5. The Turn-A and its happy crew of heros will make a stop each
           week in another different colorful locale in one of the Fiefs,
           featuring the aforementioned colorful carcaratures
        6. The Fief-leaders will always be portrayed as fat pigheaded
           chieftains who harass our heroes, ignore the Lunarian crisis,
           and are eventually stomped/killed by the Lunarian invading
           mecha because "They deserved it"
        7. Collaborators "Are fighting for a better world", while Rebels
           "Are selfish terrorists trying to grab personal power and
           property". (Not sure about this one).
        8. At some point, the Lunarian crisis will be used as an excuse
           for various "Evil Fiefs" to make a grab for power/tech in order
           to attack/conquer/raze a neighboring fiefdom.
        9. The Fief-People will be portrayed as ignorant and small-minded
           while the Lunarians are educated, elite, and idealistic
        10. In the end, the Turn-A team will join with the Lunarians to
           fight off the "evil Fiefdoms" and establish a "One World Order",
           Because "The people from the moon are pure of heart", or
           somesuch neo-philosophisms.


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