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hi there how much did u get your PG zaku for?? wrote:

> Well I don't know if anyone else has started, or finished, their PG Zaku yet
> so I thought I might offer the first review of it.
> First off for those who recognized the construction process of the PG Gundam
> for what it was, masochism, the PG Zaku is light years less painful. While I
> didn't sit down and count out the pieces for an exact amount, it certainly
> must have less pieces then the PG Gundam. So instead of like 100 little
> pieces for each limb you get 20-30 bigger pieces for each limb. This makes
> construction a breeze. I finished the whole thing in a roughly 10-12 hour
> period, the PG Gundam took 24-36 hours, and yes I clipped out each part
> carefully ( I didn't just rip them out and slap 'em together).
> Over all I think they have improved a lot of things design wise over the
> Gundam. First off, the construction of the head, while in one sense more
> complicated as it actually uses wires, was actually far easier to set up for
> working lights then the Gundam. With the Gundam it took a lot of work to
> make sure the LED and metal connectors contacted just right. But with the
> Zaku everything is screwed into a specific spot so that it aligns correctly.
> Another improvement is the hands can actually pivot forward and back to the
> point that it can actually do push ups.
> The cockpit is different then the MG Zaku though since the whole chest cavity
> is actually used solely by the pilot and not by any engines. He has a
> viewscreen /driving area on the left, but then the chair slides to the right
> to exit the mech, which actually makes me wonder where the real engines are??
> The pipes are another improvement with a possible future flaw though. They
> consist of placing the reing parts over a spring and then screwing in screws
> at both ends so they don't ever slide off like they do with the MG. they are
> easy to attach, however I have the nagging feeling as the springs are the
> only core of the cable ( there is no plastic underneath) that in 20-30 years
> they may lose some of their springiness and start to sag the whole pipe
> assembly.
> Also the feet aren't designed as well as I would've hoped. Unlike the Gundam
> which has the feet fully separated into two parts that can flex with the
> terrain, the Zaku has the poor man's version of a two sectioned foot.
> Instead of looking like a foot section separated into two whole parts, it
> looks more like the foot is wearing Flip Flops. I know I am probably
> confusing some, as I can't quite explain it properly myself, but trust me it
> just seems like Bandai might've cut a few corners.
> The only other problem I have experienced with the kit is that the shoulder
> connections to the torso aren't very flexible without pulling the whole
> casing apart and causing you to have to reassemble those sections.
> Oops, one last thing I almost forgot to mention is that there is one big
> "flaw" between the PG Gundam and the PG Zaku in the scale "continuity". Now
> I know that Amuro was only a kid, while the Zeon pilots were grown men, but
> the size of the pilot figures are considerable. I'd say the Zaku Pilot is at
> least 1/2 to 2 times bigger then the Amuro figure. The chair for the Zaku
> Pilot is almost a whole inch, whereas Amuro's is half an inch for his whole
> cockpit. I mean we are talking huge noticible difference.
> Either way to sum it up:
> 1. Less agonizing to put together
> 2. Many improvements over all, with a few shortcomings
> 3. Is so Massive that it almost makes the PG Gundam look a little Wimpy in
> comparison, if that is possible
> 4. Zaku Lovers Dream kit!!
> Jason
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