[gundam] PG Zaku Review

Sat, 10 Apr 1999 09:35:55 EDT

Well I don't know if anyone else has started, or finished, their PG Zaku yet
so I thought I might offer the first review of it.

First off for those who recognized the construction process of the PG Gundam
for what it was, masochism, the PG Zaku is light years less painful. While I
didn't sit down and count out the pieces for an exact amount, it certainly
must have less pieces then the PG Gundam. So instead of like 100 little
pieces for each limb you get 20-30 bigger pieces for each limb. This makes
construction a breeze. I finished the whole thing in a roughly 10-12 hour
period, the PG Gundam took 24-36 hours, and yes I clipped out each part
carefully ( I didn't just rip them out and slap 'em together).

Over all I think they have improved a lot of things design wise over the
Gundam. First off, the construction of the head, while in one sense more
complicated as it actually uses wires, was actually far easier to set up for
working lights then the Gundam. With the Gundam it took a lot of work to
make sure the LED and metal connectors contacted just right. But with the
Zaku everything is screwed into a specific spot so that it aligns correctly.

Another improvement is the hands can actually pivot forward and back to the
point that it can actually do push ups.

The cockpit is different then the MG Zaku though since the whole chest cavity
is actually used solely by the pilot and not by any engines. He has a
viewscreen /driving area on the left, but then the chair slides to the right
to exit the mech, which actually makes me wonder where the real engines are??

The pipes are another improvement with a possible future flaw though. They
consist of placing the reing parts over a spring and then screwing in screws
at both ends so they don't ever slide off like they do with the MG. they are
easy to attach, however I have the nagging feeling as the springs are the
only core of the cable ( there is no plastic underneath) that in 20-30 years
they may lose some of their springiness and start to sag the whole pipe

Also the feet aren't designed as well as I would've hoped. Unlike the Gundam
which has the feet fully separated into two parts that can flex with the
terrain, the Zaku has the poor man's version of a two sectioned foot.
Instead of looking like a foot section separated into two whole parts, it
looks more like the foot is wearing Flip Flops. I know I am probably
confusing some, as I can't quite explain it properly myself, but trust me it
just seems like Bandai might've cut a few corners.

The only other problem I have experienced with the kit is that the shoulder
connections to the torso aren't very flexible without pulling the whole
casing apart and causing you to have to reassemble those sections.

Oops, one last thing I almost forgot to mention is that there is one big
"flaw" between the PG Gundam and the PG Zaku in the scale "continuity". Now
I know that Amuro was only a kid, while the Zeon pilots were grown men, but
the size of the pilot figures are considerable. I'd say the Zaku Pilot is at
least 1/2 to 2 times bigger then the Amuro figure. The chair for the Zaku
Pilot is almost a whole inch, whereas Amuro's is half an inch for his whole
cockpit. I mean we are talking huge noticible difference.

Either way to sum it up:
1. Less agonizing to put together
2. Many improvements over all, with a few shortcomings
3. Is so Massive that it almost makes the PG Gundam look a little Wimpy in
comparison, if that is possible
4. Zaku Lovers Dream kit!!


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