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On 9 Apr 99, at 21:12, -Z- wrote:

> >Various Fiefs in Norse America:
> >There is a map of N.A. in the southern portion. The shape is not
> >very exact, but then sea level can change in 2000 years.
> I just picked up the APRIL Newtype, so it'll be awhile befor I actually get
> to see this map. Meanwhile, here are my best guesses.
> >Igereesa: captial Knox. The home of the the lord is called
> >Bostonia. Basically Eastern seaboard.
> Well, as you say, New England, with the county seat in Boston MA.

Maybe someone else should scan the map. With the map, things
are much more clear. I.E. Igereesa is directly connected to
Furoya(Flordia) in the South, and Lushaana(Louisiana) in the West.
Knox is suppose to be near present day Boston. With Bostonia
castle being the castle(looks more like palace) for the Fief's ruler.

> >Erizona Fielf:
> Arizona (AZ)

Which has Lushaana in the East, Tejas in the South, and Carubania
in the West.(We don't got to see the Northern border of it.) It's not
directly connected to Mexico.
> >Tejasu Fief:
> Texas (TX)

Shaped differently. Only Carubania and Tejas are connected to
Mexico. South of the present border, the line between fiefs are not
> >Pootapero Fief
> If "North America" means anything north of the equator (i.e., includes
> northern Central America), the best match I can make is Porto Bello
> (Portobelillo) in Panama.

With the funky scale and funky shape in that map, many things are
> >Carubania
> Caribbean

More like California, which borders Erizona(North half) and
Tejas(South half) on the East, Mexico in the South.
As you can see, those fief's shape, location, and boundaries are
really funky. And hard to describe without the map.

Each Fief all seems to have "Mountain Cycle", where the relic of
ancient technological civilization is buried. Coupled with the fact
they had no serious war in the last 2,000 years beside fight for
water. I guess they serves as Mutual Assured Destruction: people
didn't bother to dig them up because once they do, so will their
neighbor, in the end there is no advantage in doing so. The return
of the Moon Race had changed the equation. So the path for future
should be interesting.

One thing I just realized is cracking me up. The Moon Race is
supposely asking for land in "Sun Belt". And they are attacking on
screen where is supposed present day Boston. Either climate had
changed in 2,000 years. Or the Moon Race has lost their
geographical knowledges.

Jim Huang
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