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> Or, if you have a wildly vivid imagination, you try to improve (in your
> own mind's eye) on the series. Which brings me to a good hypothetical
> question: how would all of you out there redo or "update" Gundam for the
> 21st Centruy with the tech and social changed that have happened in the
> 20 years since Gundam was first released?
> Chris Brown

I would make another Gundam great war OVA, with gritty cinematic, and a story
line that shocks the audience by showing the true horrors of war. The setting
can be in any time, or in any place, because its the war story that really
matters. Gundam will be the back drop, giving form and direction to the
story. We will see Allied GMs trading shots with brown shirt Zakus. We will
get to know a group of characters very well, then watch those characters die
for no real reason. Have the hero of the story "be" the hero of the story
simple because he/she just keeps coming back at the end of the mission, just
like the Memphis Rose. A story that tares apart the characters in it, showing
that even they will do anything to just get out of this hell they are in. A
soldier's story, with no emotion left unturned or stepped on. And in the end,
when our hero finally gets to go home, a grand parade is thrown to show just
how much the people cared for all that he/she fought for, only to have our
hero brake in to tears before the millions in attendance, not for the show of
pride they made, but for all that he/she lost at their hands. The finale
credits then roll over the silent masses, with the only sound being our
hero's sobbing cry's of forgiveness. The End.


PS-And want this in theaters, on the big screen for every man, woman, and
child to see, feel, and remember.
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