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>Various Fiefs in Norse America:
>There is a map of N.A. in the southern portion. The shape is not
>very exact, but then sea level can change in 2000 years.

I just picked up the APRIL Newtype, so it'll be awhile befor I actually get
to see this map. Meanwhile, here are my best guesses.

>Igereesa: captial Knox. The home of the the lord is called
>Bostonia. Basically Eastern seaboard.

Well, as you say, New England, with the county seat in Boston MA.

Knox, if a county, could be in IL, IN, KY, ME, MO, NE, OH, TN or TX.

If a city, it could be IN, MO, NE, NY, ND, OH, PA or SC. If I were a
betting man, I'd say it had to be Knox NY.

>Floria Fief: capital Myani, Florida

Miami FL

>Lushaana Fief: Ooruton , Louisana, I guess

I can't match that with anything, but here are the closest phonetic matchs:

Orleans LA
Audubon LA
Atherton LA

>Erizona Fielf:

Arizona (AZ)


Daytona Beach FL

Or, possibly, Dayton, which could be KY, MN, OH, TN or TX

>Tejasu Fief:

Texas (TX)

>Mexico Fief


>Chiaps Fief

Chiapas is one of the largest states in Los Estados Unidos de Mexico.

>Pootapero Fief

If "North America" means anything north of the equator (i.e., includes
northern Central America), the best match I can make is Porto Bello
(Portobelillo) in Panama.

>Cuba Fief

Would you believe ... Cuba?




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