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>Jim has also picked up the May NewType! Now that I'm done plundering the
>very same issue for the Gundam Project's Turn A info page, let's see what
>he has to say...
>>"Once, people on Earth created a society that only think abou the
>>creation of science technological civiliation. For that purpose they
>>lives a furgal life style. [This part doesn't make sense to me] But
>>some decided to part with them. They are those who lives on the
>>moon, Moon Race. Earth's people bury their heritage of
>>technological society in the ground.
> So the implication is that they rejected this technology, eh? Hm....

Sounds like Earth went the way of the Amish, Quakers and Pennsylvania
Dutch: set a technology limit that only allows muscle power (human or
animal) with lever amplification, maybe water or wind power through the
same leverage, but no steam power except for emergencies (hence the
military use of steam engines) and no electrical power whatsoever.

Result: a world in which Hayao Miyazaki would feel right at home.
Traditional roles, traditional values, Man rules the world but remains
close to the earth, living by the sweat of his brow. No one's afraid to
get their hands dirty and an honest day's work earns an honest <insert
monetary unit here>....

> He looks like a squat Bosque Ohm with a toupe... And didja notice his
>uniform insignia is a Mac command-key clover?

I don't think that's where they got it, though. It's called a "hakkenin"
in Finnish and graces the back of their markka. This symbol, which has
much the same meaning as the yin-yang, also appears throughout Nordic and
Celtic lore. When the pagans were Christianized, it was used to represent
the Holy Cross.


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