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Prabal Nandy wrote:

> > SInce Ma Kube is seen planning the defense of Odessa, perhaps his status
> > as Kishiria's henchman and supervisor of the all-important mining operation
> > gives him the ability to boss around the regular military forces in the
> I guess the fact is that while a regular military unit follows the
> regular military chain of command, Kube's resource-rustling operations are
> considered 'more vital' to the war effort, hence its operations are
> responsible to and are controlled from a higher point in the chain of
> command. I.e., getting the resources is a higher priority for the Zeon war
> effort than simply defending Odessa, etc.
> This does cast new light on the purposes of Zeon occupation of Earth
> (I.e., it really sounds like they didn't care that much about the land so
> much as the material).

Seems that Zeon as a whole regards Earth just as another resource to
claim and use up as needed; the only reason it seems they try to conquer
Earth is to take away the earthnoids' "spiritual" focus (read: kill
their morale), making it possible for them to win decisively. Then
again, someone who has lived their whole lives in a sealed, totally
enclosed colony with absolutely no view of the earth would have that
point of view. I would also imagine that any Zeon soldiers recruited
from the Sides that actually face Earth would have a higher rate of
insubordinance and dissent about the means that were used during the

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