Re: [gundam] More Turn-A Info in May Newtype

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 9 Apr 1999 15:40:53 -0700 (MST)

> > Now, that _isn't_ such a bad premise, though I would expect this sort of
> >plot from Miyazaki, not from a Giant-Robot anime! After all, Giant-Robots
> So maybe we have a cross-pollination of Gundam and Miyazaki. Cool! Long

  Hey, I gots no problem with that... if it works and makes sense!
  Honestly, the Flat reminds me alot of the tapeworm-armed funkybot from

> > Maybe "Too much of anything is good for nothing?" Could Tomino's secret
> >agenda be more overtly _pro_technological, and rather a stance against all
> I think we'll see one way or the other as the series unfolds. If the plot

  Well, All I can say is that if he's got a philosophical axe to grind or
plot to run, I hope he _does_ it instead of allowing the series to
degenerate into a "MS fight of the week" show... if he can possibly avoid
it that is!

> hinges on a people who have deliberately abandoned technology, consigning
> it to a terrible "dark history" best left forgotten, then start unearthing
> these relics to fight for their own survival... then there's likely to be
> some kind of conclusion drawn one way or another, eh?

  Perhaps a balance between denying the horrors of the past and yet
accepting the technological bounty of that savage era?

> >they still maintain current military ranks. Hm!
> Heh! Well, funny that they all speak modern-day Japanese too, eh?

  GRIN. Okay okay... but sometimes I wish they'd just rename all the
regular ranks, or do what BTech sometimes does.

> > Whattdya want to bet she pulls an Aina on the Shiro of the story?
> She doesn't look the type. If the character design is any indication, she
> seems more like V Gundam's vicious Lupe Chino...

  Ah... psychotic hitwoman, foiled at every turn!

> >technology! They must have been the poor souls who stuck with Pentiums
> >while the Mac-People went to the moon! Then when the great Microsoft
> Ooooooooggggh. That's good, Probe, that's good!


> discarded it. At any rate, Guen's whole character concept is to be the
> young turk who wants to usher in the wonders of a new industrial age, with
> radio and zepellins and mass production. Naturally he'd have less
> compunction about digging up things best left forgotten...

  I see, well, I suppose that makes a certain amount of sense then.. he's
already a rebel fighting against the ossification of the modern Earth, so
violating the rules and trying to learn about the past should be fine for
him. But the Capule? Sheesh, they could have looked for something new!
  I wonder if they'll dig up the subterranean remains of Jaburo? That
would be cool to see some relic 1YW GMs returning to kick butt!

> does look suspiciously like they discarded all but a few elements on
> purpose. They have electric streetcars and solar-charged batteries, for
> example.

  So it's more like they discarded all technologies except "Green"
Technologies. Too bad it's completely unrealistic... after all, if you're
making solar panels you might as well be making computer chips.

> > Hrrrm... Refined Turn-A? Perhaps the "GM" form of the Turn-A gundam?
> Nah, it's a Moonrace unit. Though it does look suspiciously like the Turn
> A itself...

  It does suggest to me though that the Turn-A was left on Earth _by_ the
Moonrace people at some point...


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