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Rodrick Su writes,

>What is the relationship of Ma Kube and Yuri Kerane? Kube is a mere colonel
>while Kerane would be Major General. I supposed Kerane is the overall CO of
>Odessa base, while Kube, who seemed especially close to Kishiria, might be
>her personal eyes and ears on Earth.

  Technically, though, Ma Kube is part of a different military unit from
the mainstream European forces. On the one hand, there's the 1st
Terrestrial Mobile Division, which dropped onto Baikonur at the start of
Zeon's Earth invasion. Ma Kube's mining corps landed three days later to
supervise the Odessa mining operation. One would suppose these two forces
operate somewhat independently, even if they're headquartered in the same

  SInce Ma Kube is seen planning the defense of Odessa, perhaps his status
as Kishiria's henchman and supervisor of the all-important mining operation
gives him the ability to boss around the regular military forces in the
area. He and Kerane seem to belong to different organizational units, but
if so, Ma Kube is the one calling the shots.

>And since Bandai follows the Movie
>continuium, I supposed Ma Kube bolted Earth while Odessa base goes up in
>flame behind a smiling General Kerane.

  In either continuity, Ma Kube flees Odessa - it's just that in the TV
series, he tries to get off a nuclear parting shot while he's at it. The
fact that Kerane is abandoned to fend for himself should indicate his
status relative to mining boss Ma Kube...

-- Mark

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