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> > SO the Zeon's basically pulled a Leningrad against the
> Federation, eh?
> What, you mean some kind of continual retreat to wear down
> the enemy? If
> so, it didn't work, though both Ma Kube and Yuri Kerane tried
> a sort of
> scorched-earth measure at Odessa.

What is the relationship of Ma Kube and Yuri Kerane? Kube is a mere colonel
while Kerane would be Major General. I supposed Kerane is the overall CO of
Odessa base, while Kube, who seemed especially close to Kishiria, might be
her personal eyes and ears on Earth. And since Bandai follows the Movie
continuium, I supposed Ma Kube bolted Earth while Odessa base goes up in
flame behind a smiling General Kerane.

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