Re: [gundam] MG Gundams are coming to America, Read on!!
Fri, 9 Apr 1999 15:44:06 EDT

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> Of course, the question remains......if it's true, will they be priced as a
> 'collectors' item where it would save almost no money to get the domestic
> release, or will it be the 'God I'm going to kick myself in the ass cause
> I just spent so damn much on the MG GM!!!' pricing...although I guess I'm
> lucky cause my local (1.5 hour drive local) import store loves to stock the
> damn things and even price them decently....

It would be stupid for Bandai to charge $60 bucks for a model kit in the US.
I think they will probably charge the yen price they cost in Japan, but in
American dollars, but who knows...

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