Re: [gundam] More Turn-A Info in May Newtype.

Mark Nguyen (
Fri, 09 Apr 1999 11:31:50 PDT

> Speaking of technology, the mix of tech that the Earth people
>does look suspiciously like they discarded all but a few elements on
>purpose. They have electric streetcars and solar-charged batteries,

I doubt it's really that selective... I believe that the human race
is instinctively led to improve their own quality of life; whether
this is at the expense of other peoples' QOL is another subject
altogether. Anyway, I've got the feeling that since teh abandonment
of technology, our Earthnoids have re-discovered the "good"
technologies... Ones that aren't too ambitious or polluting, and
which fit in with the "anti-horrors-of-war" sentiment we seem to be
observing in them.

Hmm... I'm suddenly reminded of the "Detonator Orgun" anime. It too
dealt with the return of a splinter of the human race, that had super-
evolved with technology far beyond that of the people left behind on
earth. That, and a burst appendix. :P Anyone relate?


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