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Jim Huang (tyhuang@OCF.Berkeley.EDU)
Fri, 9 Apr 1999 11:22:17 -0700

On 9 Apr 99, at 2:52, Mark Simmons wrote:

Now I have time to focus on other info on the magazine, there is a
very funny drawing of Yaz in page 186. And that picture in page
163, some one accutally paint a yellow new VW Bettle with the
Pikachu color scheme. So cute.

> So the implication is that they rejected this technology, eh? Hm....

Seems to be the case. But the implication that Turn-A is powerful
enough(Ok, so it's main weapon, the Beam Rifle, malfunctioned due
to the long storage(Happy? Probe?) overheated after two shot. So it
had to use optional weapons since eps. 2) and the similiarity
between Sumo and Turn-A, the Moon Race may not advanced much
in 2,000 years. That's something I didn't considered before.
> >In the 2nd eps., people alluded to ancient space wars. But so far its
> >just "dark history".
> I'm sure the secrets of the dark history will be unveiled in time...
> especially if ancient miner Sid keeps digging!

Either that, or Moon Race will force their version down Earth
people's throat.
> >Sumo: NO, it doesn't look like a Sumo wrester. Looks a little like
> >Turn-A without the Beard. Used by Diana Soreru's Guard unit.
> >Got to Earth on the 3rd Return Convey with her.
> It's veeerrrry cool!

I think Syd Mead decribed it as "Cute". Or was he relaying the
opinion of "Mr. Tomino". I finally located my J-E dictonary. But
when I considered the original questions had been translated from J-
E, then answers had been translated again, I decided not to touch
that interview. Just to think about how should I translate the orignal
question, and what the orignal English answers must had been gives
me headache.
Jim Huang
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