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Mark Simmons (
Fri, 9 Apr 1999 11:04:45 -0700

Probe writes,

> Now, that _isn't_ such a bad premise, though I would expect this sort of
>plot from Miyazaki, not from a Giant-Robot anime! After all, Giant-Robots
>are the antithesis of Ludditism!

  So maybe we have a cross-pollination of Gundam and Miyazaki. Cool! Long
live fusion and genre-bending!

> Maybe "Too much of anything is good for nothing?" Could Tomino's secret
>agenda be more overtly _pro_technological, and rather a stance against all
>the militant Geenies and Luddites that seem to be plaguing all modern
>technological societies?

  I think we'll see one way or the other as the series unfolds. If the plot
hinges on a people who have deliberately abandoned technology, consigning
it to a terrible "dark history" best left forgotten, then start unearthing
these relics to fight for their own survival... then there's likely to be
some kind of conclusion drawn one way or another, eh?

> Interesting that all of history is forgotten but even after 2000+ years
>they still maintain current military ranks. Hm!

  Heh! Well, funny that they all speak modern-day Japanese too, eh?

> Whattdya want to bet she pulls an Aina on the Shiro of the story?

  She doesn't look the type. If the character design is any indication, she
seems more like V Gundam's vicious Lupe Chino...

> COOL! I guess we know _what_ made the people of Earth reject
>technology! They must have been the poor souls who stuck with Pentiums
>while the Mac-People went to the moon! Then when the great Microsoft
>Apocalypse of Y3K occurred, their entire civilization hard-crashed and
>couldn't reboot!

  Ooooooooggggh. That's good, Probe, that's good!

> Now you'd think if the people of Earth _really_ rejected technology like
>Tomino says that they're simply wouldn't BE industrialists, nor would
>there be guys trying to dig up technology from the past. A matter of fact,
>this ought to be taboo!

  Or maybe, after all these centuries, they've forgotten _why_ they
discarded it. At any rate, Guen's whole character concept is to be the
young turk who wants to usher in the wonders of a new industrial age, with
radio and zepellins and mass production. Naturally he'd have less
compunction about digging up things best left forgotten...

  Speaking of technology, the mix of tech that the Earth people possess
does look suspiciously like they discarded all but a few elements on
purpose. They have electric streetcars and solar-charged batteries, for

> Hrrrm... Refined Turn-A? Perhaps the "GM" form of the Turn-A gundam?

  Nah, it's a Moonrace unit. Though it does look suspiciously like the Turn
A itself...

-- Mark

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