Re: [gundam] More Turn-A Info in May Newtype

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 9 Apr 1999 07:53:55 -0700 (MST)

> >"Once, people on Earth created a society that only think abou the
> >creation of science technological civiliation. For that purpose they
> >lives a furgal life style. [This part doesn't make sense to me] But

  That doesn't make much sense. After all, it it solely through the might
of our overpowering technology that our race has tamed and controlled this
planet to serve our own ends!
  It sounds like Tomino, though, is trying to say that the pursuit of
money and technology led to a loss of some of the 'richness' of society.
(Looking at contemporary Japan, I see his point, however, not all
societies need to become like that.)
  So, it sounds like his premise _may_ be that some of the tech-loss in
Turn-A is _not_ because of the endless wars, but because people really did
consciously decide to take on a more pastoral lifestyle and 'old fashioned
family values' etc...
  The Giant Robots come down from the Moon to stomp on everything! Yeeeah
go Tomino!

> >moon, Moon Race. Earth's people bury their heritage of
> >technological society in the ground.
> So the implication is that they rejected this technology, eh? Hm....

  Yes, and it sounds like it was on purpose too!
  Now, that _isn't_ such a bad premise, though I would expect this sort of
plot from Miyazaki, not from a Giant-Robot anime! After all, Giant-Robots
are the antithesis of Ludditism!

> >In the 2nd eps., people alluded to ancient space wars. But so far its
> >just "dark history".
> I'm sure the secrets of the dark history will be unveiled in time...
> especially if ancient miner Sid keeps digging!

  Hrrrmmm... So people will start learning about the past, digging up the
WOMDs of the ancient civilizations and putting together a modern
technomilitary to kick the Lunarians' butts... Is it just me or is this a
little depressing based on what we've heard of the premise just now?
I.e., the people of Earth return to old-fashioned lifestyles and good ol'
low-technology societies... until they need a MECHA to fight the invaders
from the moon! Go go Turn-A!
  Maybe "Too much of anything is good for nothing?" Could Tomino's secret
agenda be more overtly _pro_technological, and rather a stance against all
the militant Geenies and Luddites that seem to be plaguing all modern
technological societies?

> >Po Eiji: The pilot of Walking Dome, 2nd Lt.(O-1) in Diana Counter.

  Interesting that all of history is forgotten but even after 2000+ years
they still maintain current military ranks. Hm!

> >capture Turn-A after that.
> Yep, she's on a secret mission from loose-cannon Captain Phil.

  "Capture the Gundam... or Destrooooy it!"
  Whattdya want to bet she pulls an Aina on the Shiro of the story?

> >Colonel Aji: 0-6, Commands the 1st return convey. Commander of
> >Diana Counter.
> He looks like a squat Bosque Ohm with a toupe... And didja notice his
> uniform insignia is a Mac command-key clover?

  COOL! I guess we know _what_ made the people of Earth reject
technology! They must have been the poor souls who stuck with Pentiums
while the Mac-People went to the moon! Then when the great Microsoft
Apocalypse of Y3K occurred, their entire civilization hard-crashed and
couldn't reboot!

> >Cid Munsa: 75 years old historian. Lead the effort to dig up
> >machines from the "dark history".
> On special assignment from industrialist Guen, no less.

  "Recover the secrets of the past... and forge a new WEAPON!"
  Now you'd think if the people of Earth _really_ rejected technology like
Tomino says that they're simply wouldn't BE industrialists, nor would
there be guys trying to dig up technology from the past. A matter of fact,
this ought to be taboo!

> >Sumo: NO, it doesn't look like a Sumo wrester. Looks a little like
> >Turn-A without the Beard. Used by Diana Soreru's Guard unit.
> >Got to Earth on the 3rd Return Convey with her.
> It's veeerrrry cool!

  Hrrrm... Refined Turn-A? Perhaps the "GM" form of the Turn-A gundam?
Perhaps, as usual, the Turn-A was an ancient prototype Gundam left on
Earth? Hey, I bet I know what's going on: The Turn-A equivalent of
"Anaheim" left the Turn-A on Earth in a statue hoping that the people of
Earth would discover it and use it to make more mecha, so that when the
Lunarian's attack, there would be a great techno-fight so they could sell
more mecha to both sides!

> And at the very least, it confirms we're talking about North America.
> It's mentioned in the glossary that Europe may be the only other
> inhabited area...

  Have you seen any humungeous craters anywhere on the map?


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