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Mark Simmons (
Fri, 9 Apr 1999 03:03:16 -0700

Kota writes,

>Seriously guys, this has gone far enough. I'm not sure if you guys
>realize this, but you are the exact audience Tomino is trying to stay away
>from. He's trying to stay away from the traditional Gundam mold.

  I'll second that. If the fans had their way, it would be nothing but
One Year War Round XXVII over and over again for twenty years. The
alternate universe shows proved that the Gundam brand is tough enough to
be extended in all kinds of loony directions, so let's give the creator
himself a chance to try something new and different.

>And you guys also bitch about Turn-A Gundam not looking like a Gundam, but
>we can say the same thing about family of Zeta Gundams, like Zeta, Re-GZ,
>and Zeta Plus. Even Turn-A has a red chin, but they don't.

  I'm still not sure I'll ever get used to the mustache, but dammit, it
sure looks like a mobile suit to me. And the other mobile suits - the
WaDom, the Flat, the Sumo - just plain kick ass. From everything I've
seen and read so far, it sounds like a really cool show; my main worry is
just contriving to get my hands on the darned episodes!

-- Mark

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