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Mark Simmons (
Fri, 9 Apr 1999 02:52:11 -0700

Jim has also picked up the May NewType! Now that I'm done plundering the
very same issue for the Gundam Project's Turn A info page, let's see what
he has to say...

>"Once, people on Earth created a society that only think abou the
>creation of science technological civiliation. For that purpose they
>lives a furgal life style. [This part doesn't make sense to me] But
>some decided to part with them. They are those who lives on the
>moon, Moon Race. Earth's people bury their heritage of
>technological society in the ground.

  So the implication is that they rejected this technology, eh? Hm....

>In the 2nd eps., people alluded to ancient space wars. But so far its
>just "dark history".

  I'm sure the secrets of the dark history will be unveiled in time...
especially if ancient miner Sid keeps digging!

>Po Eiji: The pilot of Walking Dome, 2nd Lt.(O-1) in Diana Counter.
>20 Years old. Dropped to Earth on the First Return Operation.
>Encountered resistenace from the Militia when attacking Knox,
>capitol of Ingeleesa fief. Attacked by Turn-A Gundam. Charage to
>capture Turn-A after that.

  Yep, she's on a secret mission from loose-cannon Captain Phil.

>Colonel Aji: 0-6, Commands the 1st return convey. Commander of
>Diana Counter.

  He looks like a squat Bosque Ohm with a toupe... And didja notice his
uniform insignia is a Mac command-key clover?

>Cid Munsa: 75 years old historian. Lead the effort to dig up
>machines from the "dark history".

  On special assignment from industrialist Guen, no less.

>Sumo: NO, it doesn't look like a Sumo wrester. Looks a little like
>Turn-A without the Beard. Used by Diana Soreru's Guard unit.
>Got to Earth on the 3rd Return Convey with her.

  It's veeerrrry cool!

>Various Fiefs in Norse America:
>There is a map of N.A. in the southern portion. The shape is not
>very exact, but then sea level can change in 2000 years.

  And at the very least, it confirms we're talking about North America.
It's mentioned in the glossary that Europe may be the only other
inhabited area...

  And yes, the fiefdom names really are that punny. :-)

-- Mark

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