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Slightly off to the model building side...
I have been a Hobby Japan reader on and off since 1981, and started
subscribing in 1986-7. [At avg. $12 a pop, you do the math... :( ]
I used to look forward to every issue just to see how they would chop a
Gundam kit to pieces and make a not so proportion kit into something that
looks totally awesome!!! Sheet plastic, home-made ball joints, poly putty
everywhere!! To make a totally awesome 1/100 MS-09H Dowadge out of the
original 1/100 Dom kit from 0079 (HJ issue #210, 11/86) See URL:
They don't do that anymore! They may show you the kit's finish picture, but
no more before-during-after pics... Not even in he Gundam Weapons book!!
Boy, I need my fix!!!
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Gus Jae
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> >In the 80s, Hobby Japan had a long tradition of kit-bashed and
> >Zaku variants. This ended with an issue devoted to Geara Doga variants,
> It did??
> I missed that issue...could someone give a rundown of whats in it??
> >with most variant Zakus from 0080, 0083, and 8th MS simply being revivals
> >of old variations. So, what kind of Zaku varains would *you* make? Don't
> >worry about too much or too little detail, just as long as readers can
> >a good idea of what you're talking about. Have at it!
> Don't know what I'd make, but I love the High Altitude Landing Unit Zaku
> featured in one of the recent hobby japans, with some elaborate landing
> on the legs and backpack.
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