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>I hope theres a new Gundam show that takes place after 08th MS Team or V
>Gundam or something ya know? Every Gundam from every Gundam show looks like a
>Gundam excpect for Turn A. I mean the yellow V Fin makes Gundam unique, as no
>other mecha from other shows have Gundam's unique V Fin. I want a true Gundam

Just playing Tomino's advocate:
Almost every Brave series from Exkaiser to GaoGaiGar has robots with yellow
V fins, while some Gundams like Ez8 don't have one. Whichever defintion is
used for a true Gundam show, I like to think the most important element of
one is not the fin on the main character's mecha.

[Hmm, Turn A Gundam will debut in a few minutes. ^^]

Egan Loo
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