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> > I still don't see your point. Using your argument, Zeta Gundam was as
> > much of change as Turn-A Gundam was. They both have similar color scheme
> > as traditional Gundam, and both lack a siginificant Gundam trait (Turn-A
> > the yellow V-fin, Zeta the red chin).
> But all Gundams, Zeta and F-91 included, all have V fins and the Gundam style
> facial features. Thus, describes my opinion of the "Gundam look".

I think you failed to see my point again. All Gundams, except for Zeta,
Re-GZ, and Zeta Plus, have red chin too (okay, some have a blue or black
one, but I think you see my point. The important part is rectangular
thing, contrary to insectile design).

And if V-fin is such an important feature for being a Gundam, Ez-8 doesn't
qualify as Gundam either.
> > Why not? If he's forced to make titles which he felt was pure pain, I
> > don't see why he should force his ideas to the fans. It is just a rumor,
> > but working on some of the later UC shows he's done made him think of
> > commiting suicide.
> Tomino got that upset? Was he forced to continue to design and make Gundam
> stuff other peoples way? I feel sorry for Tomino, but couldn't he have said
> "No, I want to do Gundam my way" and then do it his way?

Nope, otherwise he would have lost the sponser, thus the end of story.

And in a way, it's not bad idea. If you have a chance to see some of his
other works, he has a tendency to get little preachy and/or put
supernaturality in the story. You can kinda get a glance of that in CCA.


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