RE: [gundam] MG Gundams are coming to America, Read on!!

Hard_Case (
Fri, 9 Apr 1999 02:56:46 -0400

//'s my post of the month.....

Of course, the question remains......if it's true, will they be priced as a
'collectors' item where it would save almost no money to get the domestic
release, or will it be the 'God I'm going to kick myself in the ass cause
I just spent so damn much on the MG GM!!!' pricing...although I guess I'm
lucky cause my local (1.5 hour drive local) import store loves to stock the
damn things and even price them decently....

Then again, for we who for some ungodly (yes I said ungodly) reason
like to be able to read the instructions, they might be worth it no
matter the price....

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