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Jim Huang (tyhuang@OCF.Berkeley.EDU)
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Lot's of interesting information in this one. The one most interesting
to me is not about Turn-A, but "Shell Bullet", a OVA project with the
direction of Kunihiko Ikuhara and Chara/Mecha design by Mamoru

The most interesting new info on Turn-A is that people on Earth
MAY had "give up" the technology on their own.

on Page 24:[Standard Warning for that I am translating from my 4th
language into my 3rd language. And I can't locate my dictonary
while I am doing this.]

"Once, people on Earth created a society that only think abou the
creation of science technological civiliation. For that purpose they
lives a furgal life style. [This part doesn't make sense to me] But
some decided to part with them. They are those who lives on the
moon, Moon Race. Earth's people bury their heritage of
technological society in the ground. Almost all things from that era
is buried. It's now called "dark history", the details had went into
obscurity. On the other side, Moon Race had retained the
civilization: the weapons, the "dark history".

As the Moon Race returns to Earth, two civilizations seperated for
over 1,000 years of years are collides again. During their long
seperation, they had advanced their civiliaztions independently.
Their understanding with each other is uncertain, and that leds to

What would the result be, we would have to wait."

I am not sure what to think about it. For some reason, I think it may
only be the tradition from the Earth's side. But we will se.

In the 2nd eps., people alluded to ancient space wars. But so far its
just "dark history".

There is 2 short interview with Akira Yasuda and Kunio Okawahara.
And a full-page interview with Syd Mead. Either my Japanese is so
bad, I misunderstand his rational for the "mustache" , or its just too
bizzard. I am in no shape to translate that now anyway, so I will
leave it to others.

Anyway, for the New Character Introduced:

Po Eiji: The pilot of Walking Dome, 2nd Lt.(O-1) in Diana Counter.
20 Years old. Dropped to Earth on the First Return Operation.
Encountered resistenace from the Militia when attacking Knox,
capitol of Ingeleesa fief. Attacked by Turn-A Gundam. Charage to
capture Turn-A after that.

Phil Ackerman: Captain(0-3) of Diana Counter. 25 years old.
Field commander of Retrun to Earth Force. Withnessed the light
from Turn-A's beam weapon from onboard the command carrier of
First Return Operation. Feels treatened after realized there are
Mobile Suit on Earth. Disregard the opinion of Colonel Aji, ordered
Lt. Eiji to capture it. A hardliner, possess the classic "soldier's

Colonel Aji: 0-6, Commands the 1st return convey. Commander of
Diana Counter. Trusted by those he commands. Irriated by the
resistance from Militia when negoiating with Earth. At the same
time, trys to rein-in trigger-happy suboridnates. A mild statesmen,
has a very pragmatic side.

Mikhal Gelen: Colonel of Militia.

Cid Munsa: 75 years old historian. Lead the effort to dig up
machines from the "dark history".

Joseph Yuuto: student of Cid, later became a pilot.

New Mobile Suits

Sumo: NO, it doesn't look like a Sumo wrester. Looks a little like
Turn-A without the Beard. Used by Diana Soreru's Guard unit.
Got to Earth on the 3rd Return Convey with her.

Wyld: 7 meter tall, normally used beside WaDome.

Rip: construction MS. not combatant. Moon Race them down to
construct living quarters. Also to build fence around their choosen

On the Earth Side: We see two kinds of Bi-planes and a Zepplin.

Various Fiefs in Norse America:
There is a map of N.A. in the southern portion. The shape is not
very exact, but then sea level can change in 2000 years.

Igereesa: captial Knox. The home of the the lord is called
Bostonia. Basically Eastern seaboard.

Floria Fief: capital Myani, Florida
Lushaana Fief: Ooruton , Louisana, I guess
Erizona Fielf: Daytona:
Tejasu Fief:
Mexico Fief
Chiaps Fief
Pootapero Fief
Cuba Fief

Jim Huang

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