Re: [gundam] MG Gundams are coming to America, Read on!!
Fri, 9 Apr 1999 01:58:29 EDT

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> Does this mean that Bandai has finally realized that there is relatively
> large
> Gundam following here in North America. I hope so! I guess that the
> success of "Anime Village" was a good indicator that there's money to be
> made
> here.

Who knows, that's all EX said about it.

> But like any good thing that catches on from another country, will they
> decide
> to water down or change any future series to accommodate the North American
> consumer? Think Robotech/Macross. Will we see Keanu as Char spewing forth
> lines
> like "Lick my nagatina... DUDE!" Or will they stick to what's been working
> for them.

I hope not. That would indeed be a sad day for Gundam :(
> In regard to the MG kits. Which do you think they will release first? The
> two
> MG's from the 0083? Or the MG kit's from the original series? Kinda makes
> sense
> to release kits from these series knowing that the videos are available for
> them.

Again, I don't know. It will probably be the MG's from the Gundam released by
AninmeVillage so far. This would make the most sense, if I where Bandai.

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