Re: [gundam] MG Gundams are coming to America, Read on!!

Marcel Tualla (
Fri, 09 Apr 1999 01:45:04 -0500 wrote:

> This is fron an online anime magazine, EX (
> "GUNDAM Models Coming To The USA
> Bandai America, Inc. has announced that they will be releasing the Master
> Grade set of GUNDAM models in America starting this fall. These products will
> be exactly the same as their Japanese counterparts, except that they will be
> repackaged for release in the USA with English text and instructions. These
> may be on store shelves as early as September."

Does this mean that Bandai has finally realized that there is relatively large
Gundam following here in North America. I hope so! I guess that the apparent
success of "Anime Village" was a good indicator that there's money to be made

But like any good thing that catches on from another country, will they decide
to water down or change any future series to accommodate the North American
consumer? Think Robotech/Macross. Will we see Keanu as Char spewing forth lines
like "Lick my nagatina... DUDE!" Or will they stick to what's been working for

In regard to the MG kits. Which do you think they will release first? The two
MG's from the 0083? Or the MG kit's from the original series? Kinda makes sense
to release kits from these series knowing that the videos are available for


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