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Kota Fujimura (
Fri, 9 Apr 1999 01:38:59 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 8 Apr 1999, Paul Lampshire wrote:

> In SD Gundam Sengoku, Hyakushiki is almost always accompanied by someone
> called Hyakkiman [who calls him 'Big Brother'] I've never seen this mech

Are you talking about Hyakkimaru, one of the "new 5 Musha Gundams" in
second series of Musha Gundams? He is a younger brother of Musha (or was
it Ninja) Hyakushiki.

Then again, it's possible that Hyakkimaru was a son between Hyakushiki and

> outside SD Gundam Sengoku, so I was wondering, does it fit into any of the
> series, or is he a character unique to SDGS [like Onmitsu Gundam]?

If Hyakkimaru, Zeta MSV. It's basically Musha Hyakushiki Kai in blue.


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