[gundam] Why can no one see the end of this tunnel?

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> I can see how VR helmuts are worse. You tip your head, the graphics in
> the helmut is supposed to tip along. But of course it takes some time for
> the computer to sense the tipping and then recalculate the new graphics,
> if that takes, say, more than 5 ms, I can easily believe that this delay
> is enough to throw the brain off and throw the lunch up.

And the technology that allows 18 meter tall humanoid robots to be piloted by
people riding in them wouldn't counter any of the problems we have today with
VR. I mean, come on people, nit pick all you want, but it doesn't change the
fact that what we have today wasn't feasible in 1979. Mounting at few TVs
around a cockpit would look a hell of lot more "Sci-fi" than just having your
pilot were a helmet.

By the way, it's nit picking crap like this that makes many people want to
unsubscribe from the GML. Tearing apart the story, and the writing, and the
art, and the designs is one thing. But tearing apart a question directed at
"why did they do it this way instead of that" is just to much. Does anyone on
this list know what constructive criticism is? Does just posting a question
mean that someone out there will see their pride as being stepped on, and
beat that stupid horse until you can make hamburger out of it? I have no
doubt that may will respond to this post of mine with yet another thread on
totally off topic reasons why I should keep my opinions to myself.

Go right ahead. Enjoy. But know this. I want to talk about Gundam, and Gundam
related issues. Not explanations on why today's technological culture is so
much inferior to 1970s technological culture.

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