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> Seriously guys, this has gone far enough. I'm not sure if you guys
> realize this, but you are the exact audience Tomino is trying to stay away
> from. He's trying to stay away from the traditional Gundam mold.
> And you guys also bitch about Turn-A Gundam not looking like a Gundam, but
> we can say the same thing about family of Zeta Gundams, like Zeta, Re-GZ,
> and Zeta Plus. Even Turn-A has a red chin, but they don't.

But they at least look like Gundams. I don't want to stay in the "Gundam
Mold", but I DO want a robot with the Gundam name to look like a Gundam. You
just don't make a well known anime icon, then then totally chage the way it
looks just to break a so called "mold". Some people have said Tomino did this
to tick off the hard-core Gundam fan, thats not right just to make an werid
non Gundam Gundam, to tick off fans if thats true. When something gets a fan
base, you shouldn't tick off the fans, unless the fans want the creator to
totally change his creation to be the way the fans want it. If I created
something and it had a fan base, I would try to please my fans, but I
wouldn't chage my creation if fans want me to ruin the essence of my
creation. Turn A the anime sounds cool, but the Gundam should at least
resemble the other Gundams a tiny little bit. I thought that Gundam was
Gundam, because if the look of the Gundam, not just the story. Gundam
wouldn't be Gundam, without the way Gundams look, it would just be another
sci-fi anime program.


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