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There is also a PSX version of Giren's Ambition coming out for the PSX as
well!! ^_^
It looks cleaner than the Saturn Version, and THIS is the definitive Gundam
game. I mean G Generation is also nice but it just cant compare to this!!!
I mean you could play as 5 different sides!!. You sart out with the Zion
Archduchy and the United Nations (their names, not mine) and then you get
either Neo Zion/True Jion if you beat it with the Zion side or if you beat
it with the Fed side, you can either Neo Jion/Titans to play with ^_^

They also redid the Intro...becuase I saw GP02 on it...which I dont recall
in the Saturn Version
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>> Actually, you may want to wait a little more if you want G Generation.
>> Generation Zero" is coming out this summer.
>> And if it's your cup of tea, you may want to go for Super Robot Wars.
>> Final" is being ported this moth, and "Super Robot Wars Complete Box",
>> the SRW titles released for SNES packed into one is being rleased in two
>> month.
>I sure wish there where English versions of those games. Thats why I
>eventually want to learn Japanese.
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