Re: [gundam][OT] The Matrix the deep philosophical debate!

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Thu, 8 Apr 1999 18:40:52 -0700 (MST)

> hmm... But have the studies successfully figured out the distinction
> between sim sickness and motion sickness? Some people (I am sure I am

  Oh, there are definate differences! For example, have you ever been in
one of those MGM-Studios rides where they have all sorts of panoramas
sweeping around you and you feel 'virtual falling'?

> What would deserve a new name would be when some people who don't get sick
> when they are on a real ship or plane but get sick in a sim. That is quite

   "Simsickness", let's call it that then!

> the helmut is supposed to tip along. But of course it takes some time for
> the computer to sense the tipping and then recalculate the new graphics,
> if that takes, say, more than 5 ms, I can easily believe that this delay
> is enough to throw the brain off and throw the lunch up.

  Yes, this is a problem we like to call 'flicker' and it leads directly
to some of the epilepsy like symptoms you get from prolonged virtual

> I suppose the Gundam writers had it right after all, when they design the
> VR sphere (correct term?) instead of the VR helmut. But then, perhaps
> they chose the VR sphere because they want to show the expressions on the
> characters' face?

  That's correct, but remember also that some _patlabors_ had VR gear and
you can still show some drama even in that situation.
  Remember, the problem is not the _helmet_ but the graphics and display
speeds. Another big problem are the phosphors used in the display, they
simply can't correspond to black-body spectrums like the colors of the
real world correspond to! Hence, VR will always seem 'unnatural' and that
screws up the brain over time.

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