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On Thu, 8 Apr 1999, Mark Simmons wrote:
> ...and that have been observed to produce widespread simulator sickness
> effects. Do a search for "simulator sickness" and you'll see that most of

hmm... But have the studies successfully figured out the distinction
between sim sickness and motion sickness? Some people (I am sure I am
one) just don't have what it takes to be a fighter pilot and/or a sailor
because of motion sickness. These people would obviously get sick in a
sim too. But to me that doesn't deserve a new name "sim sickness".

What would deserve a new name would be when some people who don't get sick
when they are on a real ship or plane but get sick in a sim. That is quite
possible because the motions produced by current sims are not perfectly
fidel yet.

> mulate.htm>, head-mounted displays and CRTs are the worst triggers. Maybe

I can see how VR helmuts are worse. You tip your head, the graphics in
the helmut is supposed to tip along. But of course it takes some time for
the computer to sense the tipping and then recalculate the new graphics,
if that takes, say, more than 5 ms, I can easily believe that this delay
is enough to throw the brain off and throw the lunch up.

I suppose the Gundam writers had it right after all, when they design the
VR sphere (correct term?) instead of the VR helmut. But then, perhaps
they chose the VR sphere because they want to show the expressions on the
characters' face?

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