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> Fair enough. In a world without the Minovsky gotcha, let's say that
> everything from planes to robot infantry could be remote-controlled by
> human telepresence operators and/or AI systems... in fact, you could run
> things like a strategy game, directing your AI-controlled minions at a
> macro level and then taking control of individual units for hands-on
> micromanagement (much like Dorothy mass-controlling mobile dolls at the end
> of Gundam W). In this scenario, infantry and tanks would be replaced by
> remote-controlled robots, and a blurring of the lines might give you a
> fusion of the two - a tank-sized trooper, essentially a remote-controlled
> Scopedog.
> How's that for a VR/mecha fusion?

That would be awesome as an idea for a new mecha/war anime! Wars turn it RTS
PC games.

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