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> Very "noble", ha ha. I'm sure I could put you in a situation where
> either you would have to kill me or watch your favorite person in the
> whole world die. Nice vegetarian idealist sentiment, though.

I know. I wasn't trying to be "noble." Ones noblelism, is another's evilism.
I believe fights should be honorable, ala the way Samurai's fight, but
sometimes fights have to be down and dirty, because being noble and
honorable, can sometimes get one killed. War can't be totally avoided. I was
not meaning to be an idealist by saying that. If I had to, I would kill to
protect my country and/or my friends and family, but am glad I don't have to.
I don't like killing or violence, but I don't dislike if its in video games,
movies, books, etc. I just don't like real life killing and violence. It
would be nice if it didn't exist, but sometimes Wars and killing must happen
and can't be avoided. But one can try to avoid it, but when all else fails,
Wars and killing happen. violence, war, etc., make movies, books, video games
exciting, but they also tell you its not right, unless killing or fighting is
your only available option to take and that sometimes that it is very

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