Re: [gundam] My thoughts on Turn A Gundam
Thu, 8 Apr 1999 19:04:47 EDT

Probe writes:
> > The picture of the Turn A Gundam model kit someone posted wasn't that
> I
> > actually sorta like the Turn A Gundam. Yeah, I know I complained about
> Bleauch... Too art-deco. Hell, take one of them new droids from SW:TPM
> and it would make a better Gundam!

Nope, the SW:TPM droids would make for a horrible Gundam! I do agree Turn
should have been designed better, did you see the Turn A at the Gundam
convention web site someone posted? It doesn't look horrible like the very
first pic of Turn A. The Turn A is not my favorite Gundam, but I don't hate
it either. I want an updated Gundam in the Gundam style, not super hero robot
Turn A Gundam robot. I.e. upgrade versions of the 1YW, 0080, etc., they had
the standard Gundam style, but each Gundam still looked like a Gundam. Just
to clarify, I like the Turn A is a robot, but not as a Gundam.
> > what happened to and caused Earth to revert to 19th Century Technology.
> I dunno... colony drops maybe?
> > mean, I know I would, because Earth doesn't all of a sudden revert to the
> > 19th Century over night. A huge natural disaster, one huge war to end all
> Nope... it probably started in "The stone age" and worked itself up!

I never thought of that.
> > out that there was a huge War to End All Wars, wouldn't we naturally want
>> > show or movie that tells how this war started, that shows/tells about
> > war, and that shows/tells about the end of the war? I know I would.
> Yep!
> And this is exactly what Egan Loo said: We're more interested in the
> 1YW-type cataclysm than the aftermath! After all, this is one of those
> things that doomed X-Gundam!

Exactly! I think the American fans at least want a continuation of the Gundam
saga, not Turn the Gundam saga into a retro 19th Century Mecha show with
biplanes and jeeps fight a huge Mobile Suit that can take out 19th Century
Military like humans squash bugs, ya know?

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