[gundam] My thoughts on Turn A Gundam

Thu, 8 Apr 1999 16:50:44 EDT

The picture of the Turn A Gundam model kit someone posted wasn't that bad. I
actually sorta like the Turn A Gundam. Yeah, I know I complained about it,
but opinions can chage through experience/more info. If Turn A is supposed to
take place way in the future and after a lot of wars, Tomino either wants to
start Gundam out fresh or make a situation where Gundam fans want to know
what happened to and caused Earth to revert to 19th Century Technology. I
mean, I know I would, because Earth doesn't all of a sudden revert to the
19th Century over night. A huge natural disaster, one huge war to end all
wars, those two things are what currently come to mind to cause Earth to
revert to 19th Century living and Technology. If by, watching Turn A, we find
out that there was a huge War to End All Wars, wouldn't we naturally want a
show or movie that tells how this war started, that shows/tells about the
war, and that shows/tells about the end of the war? I know I would. Tomino
could be opening Gundam's Pandora's Box :)

Let the discussion begin :)

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