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>> a bit. I think the basic conclusion I reached is that it is our own fault
>> things are so complicated - money exists because somebody a couple o
>> years ago thought it'd be a good idea, and it stuck...

        hmmmm...this reminds me of a ripleys believe it or not thingie which
describes that in some islands, money were great big stone rings. I
dunno...while I agree that money is evil in a sense, it is a necessary
evil. It allows for a better system of trade rather than barter or use of
favors. It also puts a system of value for services and goods, which makes
it easier for trade of service for service, goods for goods.

>> How? Well, I personally think we should erase all forms of economy,
first of
>> all. The problem is, no one wants to do that. I also think that laws SUCK,
>> coming from a guy whose never even gotten a speeding ticket), and that
>> should bypass them to do what is "right." I think I favor a human race
>> Anarchy rules, but its based on generosity, knowledge, wisdom, and good
>> old-fashioned common sense, not money or power. Call me an idealist.

        Uh-huh. Anarchy? you better reread some of your good ol' texts...Anarchy
is based on ultimate individual responsibility, which can be dangerous if
you end up actually having a fight with know what happens?
sequential bloodbath. at least in a social group system, there are
controls which can be imposed so that the human race has a chance of not
killing itself by mutual anarchy, once the chain
reaction starts, it will be very hard to undo. anarchy presupposes that
people are basically good.
        Well, a good number aren't. that's the reason why egalitarian and
socialist ideas fell too. they always assumed certain traits about people.
 never assume.

>I defy you to define "right" in such a way that it can be applied universally
>to everyone from differing cultures and belief systems without argument.
>laws are irritating, confusing, etc., but at
>least they can enforced by mutual agreement.

        YUP! though the law may be ridiculous, it is enforced by mutual
agreement...don't like it? run for office! Or else leave the
society/social group which enforces these unpleasant laws, and look for
another which will conform to your liking and which will accept you.

>> And for the record, I'm 18 - I'd gladly be doing something about it (forgin
>Only 18. That does explain a little. Wait till you see how complicated the
>world *really* is, what a stone cold bitch Luck can be. It'd be nice if you
>can find the way through the bullshit. Don't bet on it, though.

        NO such thing as luck, only chance. whatever luck you have you make
yourself. As for the world...ain't no such thing as should be or must be,
only is...whatever should be's and must be's are in the mind of people,
useless if not acted upon to become a reality.

>> unfortunately, on a broader scale, the book and I have reached the
>> that for humanity to reach such a point, we need a bit more than an
>> earth-cracking (or earth-shattering!) impact. We need something along the
>> of starting from scratch, and I mean finding the people of noble ideals
>> (although I woudn't exactly define my thoughts as "noble" its the closest
>> word I can come up with) and killing everyone else.

        define noble. that is where the trouble starts. You're talking about
global "lifeboat" right there and you kill all the old people and
the injured and the overflowing children, selecting from the undesirables
only those of the noblest intellect and abilities, like artists and
geniuses and scientists. The rest, I surmise would be the best of the
genetic pools.
        That makes my skin crawl. who's to make the decision? whose standards?

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