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On Apr 8, 1:26am, Der UberHanyok wasted bandwidth discussing:

> hmm... that's like asking me to tell you what religion is the "true" religion
> anything I could come up with would most likely result in at least one person
> complaining. believe what you will, I hold "right" as "right," an undefinable
> term. "right" could be justice, fairness, heck its all a bunch of really hard
> define terms. How 'bout "that which is not wrong" and wrong can be "that
> is not right." yeah, that's the ticket...

What you hold to be "right" has got nothing to do with anyone else. My point
was that there would be no way for someone in the Middle East, Russia, India,
America, Japan and Brazil, say, to agree on what "right" is, especially since
most people's "right"s are driven by mutually exclusive religions and
priorities. Is it right to rehabilitate a murderer or execute him? How do
you rehabilitate him? Would you mind him living next to you once someone
has "determined" that he is fit return to society? Is it right to allow
people to breed unchecked or to impose a population limit so as not to over
tax the resources we have? Vegetarian or not? Right for you or me and right
for a nation are two entirely different mindsets.

> I guess "based" is the wrong word then. A society (or a world!) built on the
> noble ideals that I mentioned wouldn't have any need for a ruling
> body. The only catch is that people would have to have relatively the same
> mindset, something akin to that book you mention below. (which, by the way, I
> now going to go out and buy!)

Great idea. But to get it off the ground you would *require* a ruling body
to enforce, at least until everyone was on the same page. It would take
generations to get to the point of doing away with overseers. Who gets to
build this society? Do we all get to vote on the noble ideals or will they
be handed down? Some people will fight to the death that idea simply because
they aren't the ones picked to make the decisions. More wars.

> see that's the thing I was talking about earlier - people made it
> the world isn't complicated but society is because of the people who exist in
> it. I honestly have no idea why, but from what I've gathered it's just that
> there's a lot of stupid people in the world. I've never really worried myself
> much with details, its the big picture that counts in the end anyhow.
> Occasionally one of my friends will ask me how it is that I manage to get
> through most things with either minimal effort or concern... I know that the
> details aren't important, and if you focus on the end goal everything else
> into place.
> If you don't like the "complicated" aspects of society, then blow 'em off! If
> you can get something done your own way, then do it your own way, forget
> protocol. That's the way I look at it, at least.

Well, you are confusing two layers of life, your personal actions and the
actions of the group you're in. Sure, easy enough to blow off rules and
laws that you don't agree with. If everyone shares your newfound freedom,
though, you'll quickly run into someone who has little use for laws that
prevent assault or theft or something else that you hold to be "noble" yet
maybe he could care less about or he believes in a more "survival of the
fittest" philosophy so, in his eyes, it is "right" for him to cull you
from the herd. Or his god has no tolerance for your heretical life.

Nazis (not Germans) felt that Jews were not human. Couldn't convince them
otherwise, either. Inside their group, they were "right". Outside, they
were murderers. I'd like to see how far you would have gotten in an
argument with them, how open you would have found their minds. We still
have people living who believe the Earth is flat and that NASA footage is
nothing but special effects to fool the rest of us.

Understand, I'm not trying to dissuade you, I'm trying to give you more of
the info you'd need to reconcile you're idea with the world at large. I
had a pretty simple outlook to the world and other people until I started
in this cg effects industry. I've met a lot of great people from other
countries and now I see how recockulous some of my assumptions were.
College is no substitute for real world experience.


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